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உங்கள் நேரத்தை ஏன் கூகிள் மூலம் வீணடிக்கிறீர்கள்? இடுகையைப் படியுங்கள் …Ille? Do you feel that a bouncer just went over your head? Then, you are not alone, me too, ille. There is a cult line in Ray’s classic হীরক রাজার দেশে (In the kingdom of diamonds)’ that says, “জানার কোনো শেষ নাই,জানার চেষ্টা বৃথা তাই (there is no end of knowing, so trying to know everything is futile)”. Even after my 59th word if you are still trying to solve this space science-like language, then solve it at your own risk with the help of ‘Google Baba’. And those, for whom time is their ‘precious’, you guys can leave it behind and follow me.

Now, when your brain is just trying to relax a little, what if I tell you that let’s go for a ‘Chicken Dosa’ or a ‘Mutton Dosa’ or what about an extra addition of ‘Chicken/Mutton-Cheese/Achari-Dosa’…… I know what you are thinking. “What the hell is he talking about?” “Is it some kind of a joke? Because it’s not even funny.”…. Yeah, I do some mind-reading too. But, we’ll talk about it some other day. So, where was I? Yes, the imagination of Dosa in a non-veg avatar is like searching for an alcohol shop in Gujrat. And even so, it could have been acceptable if I had told you that this groundbreaking experiment happened in some restaurant in any southern region part of India. But in Kolkata? How is this possible, right? Well, we all know that we Bengalis have a bad habit of interfering and experimenting with everything. But, this time, what happened to this ‘Brahmin guy (dosa)’ who travelled so far from its home in southern India is unimaginable. And here isn’t the end. The affairs didn’t end with only ‘chicken’ or ‘mutton’, it went too far. But I’d let that stay as a little surprise for you. For now, prepare your spoons and forks and follow me…..

I Say Follow me……..

If you ‘trust’ Google Maps, then it is for you –

And if I’ve gained some likeness and trust by now, then the following is for you from me. Don’t think too much. Just catch an auto-rickshaw from ‘Rasbihari More’(Kalighat Metro Gate No. 6) and get a ride to ‘Desapriya Park(Gariahat Auto). I know that your bum is now relaxed after adjusting in the back seat of the autorickshaw for a while. But, I guess, now you have reached the four-headed point at Desapriya Park. Now, if your face is towards ‘Gariahat’, just turn right along the ‘Sarat bose road’ and walk like you are in the final stage of a treasure-hunting adventure, by counting your steps along the right side of the footpath. Wait! Did you see a roll shop in front of you? Stop right there! Only a single step after the shop and then you have to just turn right….And tadaaaaa! Mission accomplished.

Are you ready for the Surprise!!!!!

Not so surprised? Okay, it happens. When I went there for the first time, I was a bit shocked too. Because at first glance, it doesn’t look like a dosa stall and doesn’t have fancy seating arrangements or ambience as well. But, don’t judge the book by its cover yet. You can’t imagine what is going to happen in your mouth after a few moments later. For now, be ready for the first surprise when a boy will come and give you a menu card.

Already confused and shocked? I know that the price range is looking a bit high compared to other shops that you used to, but I assure you that after the first bite, you will absolutely forget about the price. Now don’t be confused too much, let me reduce your confusion a bit. If you are a ‘sweet’-person, then you can go for ‘Chicken/Mutton Cheese Dosa’; and if you have the hots for spice, then go for ‘Chicken/Mutton Schezwan’ or ‘Manchurian’ or ‘Achari Masti Masala Dosa’. Even I have not yet tried everything till now. Now, when your plate arrives, one thing you must agree with me on is the representation style. It is very simple but colourful.

Chicken Achari Dosa

Now, forget about everything and just take your first bite.……. No, no! Don’t say anything. Just enjoy! I guess, hopefully, you can feel that already the party begins in your mouth. Till date, the stuffing into the dosa is a big mystery to me. And not only these few kinds of dosa, but the ‘invention house’(Dosa @ twist) also doesn’t stop here. You can find a dozen of dosa options right here. And among some of them, you have never heard of, like ‘Neer Dosa’, ‘Chocolate Dosa’. Also here you can get the different types of ‘Idli’ options too.   So now, after completing your food and when your heart is full, you can share your first-bite experience in a comment.

If you are fond of gossip and stories about food, then this is for you!

A Small Story About Dosa

A Little Bit Extra Addition……

Pocket Pinch – 350-400 /- (approx for two)

Timing – 11.30 am to 11.30 pm


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