DISCLAIMER: Reading this about is injurious to your time

HOLA!!! I, myself Jaydeep Maity, aka Jayy (but can’t add the other nicknames those are basically gifted by my beloved friends’ group and I hope you guys can imagine why). Ohh Hello! don’t stop here with your horse of imagination to imagine my nicknames for a whole day because we have a long way to go. Now, with your permission, let’s get into the real thing. Before start, here I would like to divide my about into four chapters. No! the reason behind this, is not any artistic imagination of my mind, just because when you will start getting bore you can skip it easily.

Chapter 1: Prabachan on Page

Before I start my own ‘Panchali’ and turn this thing into a dustbin full of my words, a warm welcome to you all on my blog page or I’d rather prefer to say it as my ‘Hijibiji Khata (scribble notebook)’. Now, coming to the title, ‘Hangla’ is a Bengali word which basically means ‘a big foodie’ and as you all know what a ‘canvas’ is, I guess maybe you guys have already guessed that it is a food-blog page. And yes, you guys are spot on! But, just let me make a little addition. ‘Hangla – Canvas’ is not merely the digital reflection of the culinary and travel journal of my life, it is beyond everything else to me. Each portrait (story) on this canvas holds different stories, experiences, and memories of my life. In short, this canvas is a portrait of myself.

Chapter 2: Elojhelo

Now, here comes the toughest job on earth (according to me), describing myself. If somebody asks me what will be the title if there is an autobiography on me, then this chapter’s title will be my answer. Why? Wait you can understand after a while. Let me start in another way……“Tea or Coffee?” Ummmm…I’d say I’m a ‘Lemon Tea’ person. “Summer or Winter?”….. Neither of them. I’d rather wish to have ‘Hemanta’ (a Bengali season between Autumn and Winter) for the whole year. “Sea or Mountains?”……Have a dream of having a small wooden hut at the lap of a hill surrounded by mysterious foggy pine forest and lastly, I wish ‘Kanchenjunga’ to be the Wallpaper of my small window. Now, if you ask me if I’m a ‘Bookworm’ or a ‘Filmy’ person, then it will be a little bit puzzling for me. So, I guess my answer will be straight cut to “Satyajit-Sukumar Ray”. And I’m sharing with you another little secret about me, that is maybe ‘Hemanta’ is my love but I do have a pretty affair with ‘Midnight Showers’.

Chapter 3: Where does the cooking start?

Ok! now in this digital era reading on electronic media is so pathetic and there reading like this chapter may be going to murder your time in your own hand, so my advice skips it. Standing in the 21st century, when my city is shifting into the apartments, here I’m, too busy in the search of ‘Old Dalan Baris’ in ‘North Kolkata’. Yes, North Kolkata. Maybe you guys are wondering from where suddenly this ‘North Kolkata’ came into this? Then, let me take you back to a while ago. Like every other metropolitan boy, when I first came to Kolkata to pursue my graduation, I didn’t know how much I’d fall in love with ‘Chemistry’, but as we spent more time with each other, the chemistry between me and Kolkata started to grow day by day, so that one day it became ‘my city’. And from there, my journey has started. Since childhood, I was very much fond of street foods, travel and travel stories. But at that time I never had that feeling for Kolkata, the way I feel now. In fact, I used to feel a little more opposite than now. I was a little scared of this city and always thought that Kolkata’s people belonged to a whole different world than me. No, no! Not like they were aliens in the disguise of humans as it was shown in ‘Men In Black’. But I used to think that from a ‘Rickshaw Wala to a normal guy, they all would be way smarter than me and they might fool me easily. And I was always afraid that I would lose my way in this hustle-bustle city at any time. But who knew, the boy with these scary childhood stories about Kolkata would fall for ‘North Kolkata Golis’  and would go in search of every ‘treasure’ that the roadside street food stalls had to offer. Yeah, that’s me. You can say that my stories have a grey shade like an Old Kolkata Vintage House, but what can I say? All these things about this city have inspired me to share my thoughts and thinkings through my writing. The city enhanced my passion for travelling and eating, and in search of the old heritage of my city, I perceived my city every day in a new way; but most importantly, this city has given me an eye to look into the core of my heart to find myself.

Chapter 4: Passion turns into Painting

Yes, I have a habit or rather you can say a bad habit that whenever I get some free time, I just get my butt out of my bed and go outside. Sometimes, maybe to try a new food or sometimes without any reason, just to roam around, aimlessly. So, if you are hoping that this page will be only about food or travel, then I just want to remind you, do you remember your Childhood drawing books? Not all drawings were perfectly coloured, right? But the most beautiful thing is that your imaginations are kept in there. So I can say that my ‘Hangla Canvas‘ is just like your childhood drawing books. But in the end, one thing I must say that while exploring the hidden food shops and food culture, which are surrounding us without our knowledge in each corner (in Bengali “from Oli to goli”) of our cities and localities, that time after giving a series of wrong directions like a cheating girlfriend when Google Maps leaves me alone in a narrow street, and then finally when I reach the destination with the help of ‘local Google Map (local shopkeepers)’, I get my little ‘Christopher Columbus’ feeling inside me. And in search of the different types of tastes and colourful stories, this craziness of mine has turned this white canvas into a blog page. Now, I can’t say about myself that I’m a food critic (still now, I can’t even properly taste salt in curries), it would be a very heavy word to put above my shoulder. I’d rather prefer to call myself a ‘Foodplorer’.

Image Sources: Pinterest & Rasabati Book